Panio: A Treasure of Tradition in San Miguel

Panio: A Treasure of Tradition in San Miguel

San Miguel de Allende, the heart of Mexico, beats with its rich history, architecture, welcoming atmosphere, and culinary offerings. Among its culinary treasures, you will find Panio, a bakery, and restaurant that has captivated both locals and visitors alike with the way it shares its bread.

Founded by Alberto Laposse, also the creator of brands like Cumpanio, Dos Casas, and Áperi, Panio has made its mark in the city thanks to its passion for preserving and perfecting the art of traditional European artisanal bread.

The essence of Panio lies in its "masa madre", which was brought from France in 2011, becoming the beating heart of the quality and authenticity that characterizes its products. Since then, this select bakery has evolved with a contemporary touch while maintaining great respect for the colonial architecture of San Miguel de Allende.

Its savory bakery includes delights such as baguettes, wheat sheaf loaves, petit pains, rye bread, and other special cereals, all carefully crafted with long fermentations.

The sweet bakery is a true temptation for flavor lovers, with exquisite croissants, fluffy brioches, and delicious Pain au chocolat. In their pastry section, their master bakers unleash their creativity, reinventing tradition and offering products with extraordinary flavors.

Panio's culinary offerings do not stop at the bakery and pastry but extend to delicious breakfasts and meals, blending European options with Mexican creations to please all palates. Each dish is designed with one of Panio's breads as a base, turning the meal into an authentic ritual of delight.

Due to its great success, Panio has flourished with various branches in San Miguel de Allende, each with its own charm and personality; it also has a presence in Celaya, Querétaro, and Mexico City, where Panio delivers bread by order.

If you are in San Miguel de Allende and wish to savor authentic bakery and culinary creations, be sure to include Panio in your visit. Its unique combination of tradition, innovation, and love for the craft captivates those seeking to delight their senses in this magical city.

Panio Atelier: Salida a Celaya 69, Centro, CP 37700,  [email protected] , (415) 185-8750

Panio Correo: Correo 29, eq. con Recreo, [email protected] , (415) 154-7187

Panio Relox: Relox 12, Centro, [email protected] , (415) 152-1645.

Panio Luciernaga: Manuel Zavala 165 - pd 03. Plaza Comercial La Luciernaga, [email protected] , (415) 688-1671 / (415) 688-5542.


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